Nov 4, 2015

Dear friends, currently I am developing a new app which has a unique idea related to predicting positions of Moon and Sun and will help you to get nice photos,  romantic evening and etc. The idea behind the app is totally different from other apps on the Market. So wait for the suprise :) and you will get very advanced time machine 
Sorry that I cannot unveil the full idea before the app will be published :) 

Dec 30, 2014

iCan Libra - weight tracker
iCan tracks your weight. Designed and works with taking into account your purpose (to lose, gain or just track weight ) with adjusted color hints based on the selected purpose.
    - Ad-free
    - Nice color skins/themes
Available in Android Market- Easy data entry. Whatever you enter, you can edit or delete it at any time
- Weight and date goals
- Time-to-goal estimate (prediction)
- Chart with pitch-to-zoom feature
- Share via email, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox
                              - Export to Excel (.csv) format

Jul 15, 2013

XXVII Summer Universiade

Kazan 2013 android support app (download link)XXVII Summer Universiade. Over 10,400 university athletes from 162 countries. The app was designed to work offline and online to provide all guests and athletes with shedules, results, infromation about sport facilities. Apps provided lots of filters to narrow search results with possibility to add any type of event, sport facility and so on to favorites so the guests could have their personal guide in mobile phone.  ... The app was a team work. I personally developed:
-  multi thread loading / updating data (about sports events, schedule ...) features for the app
-  custom calendar control widget (data driven, with Excel freeze features so you can easy  navigate the calendar with titles of columns and rows are constantly visible on screen


Jun 20, 2013

a Pocket Board + Decision Maker

Automatically enlarges your text messages to fill the screen. 
It's an easy way to communicate visually when voice is not an option. 
PLUS just one click and you can turn your note to any kind of DECISION MAKER, DICE, adviser, predictor, Magic 8 Ball, bet utilities (e.g. sport), Dice and etc.. Simply select [work as decision maker] when edit any of your text notes...

Nov 12, 2010

Flex Dice 3D (more details..) ...more then just roll 3d dices BUT create ones with your OWN design (skin) based on contacts or photos on your phone.
Share your skins and load ones created by others.
Have unlim. number of dices and roll up to 6 at the same time.
To roll just shake or swipe.
Lots of shared skins: decision makers, Christmas dice.. more to go.

Aug 9, 2010

GottaGo or fake incoming call (download link..) ( Fake incoming call ) helps you to say bye to some boring person or meeting. The app emulates incoming call  at scheduled time. So you can say i Gotta Go - i have very important call ...
The incoming screen looks as real one.
You do not have to keep the app open. You can choose built in, your own .mp3 and .ogg ringtones or just vibrate. Enjoy!  (more details)

p.s. first time published on Aug 8, 2010
cur ver.: pro 1.3, lite 1.3

Twister Voice Dial (Twister Assistant) (download link) - with this app you do not need a spinner anymore as long as someone to roll one.
Now you have your personal voice assistant for the game. The app also can work in silent mode w
ith clear picture language. 
At this moment English and Russian languages are supported (more details)

p.s. first time published on Jul 16, 2010
cur ver.: pro 1.0, lite 1.0