Aug 9, 2010

Note:  you may want to try my new app Flex Dice 3D. It has much more then just decision maker. You can create own or load  shared skins (Christmas, Runebound game, dice, advisers ...)... so it much more flex then its ancestor Decision makers 3D.

(pro) Decision makers 3D N in 1 (Decison cubes).  is a set of decision makers in your pocket. To get advice just touch and roll selected decision cube to the direction you like. Current release has the following decision cubes:  General, Todays activity, Baby gender predictor (what if today), Manager, HR, Trader (more details)... 

(free) Decision makers 3D N in 1 lite - covers General, Baby gender predictor (what if today),  Manager

(free) #2 Advise me -  covers Trader and general  decision makers.

(free) #1 Advice me - covers Today`s activity and  General decision makers.

p.s. first time published on Jun 25, 2010
cur ver.: pro 1.0
Decision makers 3D N in 1 lite (only 1.1)
#1 Advice me (only lite 1.1), 
#2 Advice me (only lite 1.1),