Aug 9, 2010

Simply Dice 3D (download link) is a simply dice in your pocket.
Now you can  roll up to 6 dices. To start rolling just shake or swipe your finger across screen to the direction you like. Check my site to see it in action. I play it with my kids when we do board games
and sometimes to bet with my friends.
p.s. now you can play Yatzy games.  (more details) ... 

first time published on Jun 24, 2010
cur ver.: pro 1.2, lite 1.2
 you may want to try my new app Flex Dice 3D in additional to simple dice functional  you can load shared skins (Christmas, Runebound game, advisers ...), create and share your own skins...
For now I still keep both apps until I will be sure that Flex Dice 3D (is popular the same way as Simply Dice 3D)